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December 09 2019

With White House Absent, Impeachment Devolves Into Partisan Brawl

President Trump is refusing to engage and Democrats have concluded they will press ahead anyway, rendering a historic undertaking little more than a foregone conclusion.

You Live Your Life Online. Don’t Forget Your Manners

Etiquette helps you get on in life, but having a range of etiquette makes all the difference.

Barr Allows for Release of Additional Details About Ex-Spy Behind Steele Dossier

The British former spy was told on the eve of its release that a highly anticipated inspector general’s report would contain further information about him than he had expected.

The Indispensable Man: How Giuliani Led Trump to the Brink of Impeachment

Rudy Giuliani didn’t get the job he expected. But as unpaid personal counsel to the president and for-profit peddler of access and advice, he got the spotlight.

Elizabeth Warren Earned $1.9 Million Over 3 Decades for Corporate and Legal Work

While demanding that an opponent, Pete Buttigieg, disclose his McKinsey clients, Ms. Warren provided a fuller explanation of her compensation as a legal consultant.

Volcano Erupts on New Zealand Island, Leaving People Missing and Hurt

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said about 100 tourists were on or near White Island when the volcano erupted, adding that “a number of people” are missing or hurt.

Saudi Linked to Florida Shooting Probed for Terrorism. He Had Clashed with Instructor.

The F.B.I. said it was conducting a terrorism investigation into the shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola, as new information emerged about the gunman’s training at the facility.

A (Grudging) Defense of the $120,000 Banana

Maurizio Cattelan is more than a prankster, and “Comedian,” his potassium-rich latest work, is more than an overpriced piece of fruit.

Pensacola Victims: Three Hopeful Men at the Dawn of Naval Careers

The sailors who were fatally shot on Friday at Naval Air Station Pensacola had only recently arrived to train in naval aviation, grieving relatives said.

Oh, Nikki. You’re So Wrong.

There is much Nikki Haley could learn from a true heroine of the South Carolina Confederate flag removal: Bree Newsome Bass.

As Water Runs Low, Can Life in the Outback Go On?

In Australia’s vast interior, rivers and lakes are disappearing. “We’re starting to glimpse what the future is going to be like,” one scientist said.

Caroll Spinney, Big Bird’s Alter Ego on ‘Sesame Street,’ Is Dead at 85

Besides the sweet-natured giant yellow bird, he also played the misanthropic bellyacher Oscar the Grouch.

Juice WRLD, Rising Rap Artist, Dies at 21

He began posting songs online while in high school. On hits like “Lucid Dreams,” he combined melodic hip-hop instincts with heavy-hearted angst.

My Week of ‘Noble Silence’

On a meditation retreat, the goal was to be mindful of each step, each bite, each breath, to gain insight without distraction. Think of it as a spa for the mind.

Trump Brings 2 Officers He Cleared of War Crimes Onstage at Fund-Raiser

The president had pardoned Army First Lt. Clint Lorance and Maj. Mathew Golsteyn last month, in a move that strained his relationship with Pentagon leaders.

The Gig Economy’s Sexual Misconduct Problem, and How to Fix It

In my research I’ve heard countless tales of assault, harassment and abuse.

December 08 2019

René Auberjonois, a ‘Deep Space Nine’ Star, Dies at 79

The busy character actor was also known for “Benson,” “Boston Legal” and several Broadway roles.

The Eight Counts of Impeachment That Trump Deserves

The lessons from Nixon and Clinton.

Trump Cripples W.T.O. as Trade War Rages

A U.S. offensive against the World Trade Organization will effectively shutter the group’s system for settling disputes, at a time it’s most needed.

Barr Dives Into the Culture Wars, and Social Conservatives Rejoice

The attorney general embodies the combative culture and conservative ideology that animate the president and the Republican Party. Is he what the party looks like post-Trump?
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